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Getting hired has never been easier!

We’ve made getting hired easier than ever before.


Simply record and upload a 30 second video outlining your experience and why you think you’re a good fit for the role. The hiring manager can then easily connect with you if they wish to progress your application. You can also upload CV if the hiring company wishes.

Cool, right!

We know what you’re thinking… ‘why hasn’t someone created this before now?!’


All that matters is that from now, Jobsocial can transform the way people apply for jobs.


Good luck!

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Psst, are you still here?

Ok, so the best bit is, you can also record and upload a speculative video application for other jobs you might be interested in. These may get picked up by other hiring managers. Who knows, you can find your dream job before it’s even advertised. Just don’t forget about us when you make it to the big time 😊

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