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Recruitment fit for 2022

The world has changed. Consumer platforms understand that habits and behaviours have changed. People are increasingly time poor but technology rich - and everyone loves video.


Yet, it feels like the recruitment world operates in a different universe - where long and boring interviews are still the norm and people are restricted by their immediate networks and location.


This is why I created Jobsocial. I think of it like a cross between

TikTok and Tinder but for interviewing. Candidates upload 30

second videos, pitching themselves (this really forces them to 

be succinct and compelling, along with CVs and cover letters if

you so wish.


You can then easily connect with ones that interest you and

disregard the ones that don’t. In the time it takes to interview one candidate, you can view 50-100 videos instead. Think about the implication. It’s never been easier to find your next best candidates with Jobsocial.

About our Founder

Chris is a serial tech entrepreneur specialising in products that enable brands to better engage, acquire and sell to their customers.


At 20, Chris founded SFD Systems after spotting a gap in the market to replace paper-based pricing with full colour digital displays – a world first. Chris successfully scaled over 10 years, raising £4m in equity funding to design and develop a fully functioning Internet of Things technology platform in 2005.


SFD Systems operated in over 7 markets and trusted by Pret A Manger, Waitrose, Morrisons, Walmart, Dufry, Home Depot Canada. 

Screenshot 2022-02-08 at 19.45.47.png

Having experienced the pain first hand of drowning in CVs, Chris is now on a mission to help revitalise and modernise the recruitment process with Jobsocial.


Connect with Chris on LinkedIn below. 

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