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Find the best candidates, faster

Recruiting the best talent is hard. And time consuming. Your best next employee could be sitting in your inbox, but is easily buried in the noise.

Jobsocial changes all of that. We’re making recruitment easier, faster and better than ever before, using the power of video.


Like a cross between TikTok and Tinder, but for talent...

Everyone is used to quick fire, video-based social networking apps like TikTok and even dating platforms like Tinder in their personal lives.


So why not use the same philosophy for hiring?



How it works

When you publish applications for job roles, you can now simply include a link, inviting the candidate to create and upload a 30 second video to Jobsocial.

You can request other key information if needed and customise (or white label) the Jobsocial platform so it's completely tailored to your requirements.

The hiring process has never been quicker or easier!

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